Evolution NTX is a unique device For Gold Detector

Evolution NTX is a unique device that combines the features of traditional VLF-based metal detectors

and the features of a three-dimensional imaging scanner into a single integrated device.

The device has a flexible and comfortable design during carrying and use and has a touch screen

to adjust the settings and see different indicators.

Best Gold Detector

Evolution NTX is a versatile device suitable for all metal detection applications and treasure hunters

for all professional prospectors, treasure hunters and archaeologists.

It features an average economic price suitable for all categories of searchers and prospectors

and is considered a profitable investment in the long term.

Evolution NTX Features

Device Usage

There are many applications of the device where it can be used by treasure hunters and prospectors

to search for all types of minerals and underground buried objects, of the uses of the machine are as follows:

  • Search for buried treasures from the remnants of previous civilizations (gold chests – statues …)

  • Discover objects made of gold such as jewelry such as rings – bracelets – hoops

  • Spaces and underground cavities such as tunnels, grooves and ancient tombs.

  • Magnetic (ferrous) metal detection including iron, steel and pipes.

Search Technology

As explained previously the device includes two search technologies namely:

1 – Very Low Frequency (VLF)

To search using VLF system, the device uses a search coil specifically designed

to capture the signals of buried metal objects in the ground

2 – 3D Imaging technology

To use the device as a ground scanner, the the user use the probe to conduct a ground scan

at each point of the search fields designated by the user.

Device Operating Modes

Evolution NTX includes two operation modes that are used according to the search technology

used for the search .

Live Sound Mode

It is used in conjunction with the search coil. When it detect a metallic target , the device directly outputs

a signal or sound tone. In addition, a progress indicator display on the screen representing the signal strength.

This mode is suitable for searching for small metal objects at depths not exceeding 2 meters (e.g. gold coins or rings and small relics)

3D Ground Scan Mode

This mode of operation used in conjunction with the probe to conduct a precise and detailed

three-dimensional spatial scan of a search area defined by the prospector

(for example, a piece of land 5 meters long and 4 meters width).

Data from the scan at each point stored in the device memory, and transferred later for detailed analysis

on any computer or tablet with installed Visualizer 3D software.

The program presents the data in the form of a three-dimensional drawing in different colors representing the ground

and the metal objects buried in it (blue color of the spaces – the red color of precious metals – the green of the ordinary soil …).

The user can know the depth, size and position of any target easily via the program.

Touch screen

The device includes a colored screen that supports the touch, through which you can adjust the different settings such as the selection of the search mode and see various indicators such as the signal bar in the case of voice search mode.